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An era of coding, robotics and A.I. for education


The epidemic has accelerated the adoption of technology worldwide. Lockdown has taught us that using digital tools can still get the job done. Future of Work is a hybrid model that combines digital and physical activity using our digital partners. Coding, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI.) Are important skills of the twenty-first century for professional success.

It increases productivity, quality and makes human life much safer. Although coding presents a difficult task for many, it is questionable whether it is only for developers, mainly men. Teaches how to design algorithms to solve coding problems. So, do not create template methods. Our lives are full of algorithms. For example, there is a recipe for cooking, there is a process of brushing teeth, there is a technique for weight loss. All of these are algorithms for solving problems, satisfying hunger, maintaining health, and achieving goals, respectively.

Sudhanshu Sharma, Founder, and CEO of Rabogenius said, “Coding gives us a different perspective on our daily tasks and, as a result, improves our creativity and imagination. Intelligence One’s transfer process code’s own natural intelligence begins to think about it. Beginnings of AI Creation In this exploratory journey one finds one’s mind, captures the mind deeply, and improves critical thinking ability. ”

AI. Asking and asking questions like physics Digital information or any algebraic equation could mimic human behavior or use my conceptual abilities to remember objects in video. The answer to this question is mostly outside the realm of computer science, which is about science, math, art. It creates real-life experiences and common sense.

A.I. Gaining knowledge of multiple disciplines and applying it to learn the journey of solving new uncontrollable situations does not improve one’s training in AI. But train their minds to be successful in life. We tell this to every student, A.I. Training days train your mind and be genius. But we still have in mind, A.I. For this digital or brain in our body, what happens to the body? The question provokes further curiosity. Creating a robot or device that can move, dance, and react in the environment is a very exciting experience.

There is a digital component to all human definitions called sensors that collect information such as the environment just like humans. This data goes to the digital brain (A.I.) so that machines can think and respond. Learning movement mechanics, applying human concepts and stem concepts. This process enhances one’s design thinking, product creation and innovation skills.

Coding and A.I. Used in every business sector, the reliance on it grows with the number of talented people who can innovate regularly in the future. In addition, India today is economically driven by children and youth: more than 50% of Indians are under 25 years of age. Our country ranks third globally in the startup sector. When these kids start learning coding, robotics, and AI there are amazing opportunities ahead.



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