Chef Shares Amazing Hack To Make Super Crisp Restaurant-Style French Fries


French fries are one of the most popular potato dishes. The humble dish applies equally to all ages and palate groups, either on its own or as a side dish with burgers and sandwiches. Restaurants are starting to get creative with their fries, serving them with interesting toppings and flavors. Very good about French fries made in restaurants, and somehow, a class that excludes homemade meals. If you are thinking about how to recreate super creep restaurant style fries at home then you have got the perfect hack by professional chef and youtuber Sony Harrell to get started.

Also known as ‘That Dude Can Cook’, the creator is known for his short cooking videos and tips for a variety of foods and recipes. The ‘Rosemary Salt’ recipe video is one of her most favorite recipes. The 51-second clip shows Sony Harrell frying in three ways in a creepy and delicious restaurant style. The clip went viral, garnered two and a half million views and more.

How to make restaurant-style crispy french fries at home
The video begins by chopping potatoes and soaking them in ice cold water for an hour. The chef advises changing the water three times. After that, he dried them as much as possible with the help of a paper towel. Now begins the process of frying, for which he used peanut oil at 290 degrees. The chef fried them in small batches for five minutes, after which he dried them on a rock. Then he fixed them for two hours. The final step is to fry them at 375 degrees for 4-5 minutes, after which he presents the fry in three different incarnations to taste like truffle oil, rosemary salt and curry powder.


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