Covid vaccine for senior citizens: who can get vaccine shots, how to register; You should know


Covid vaccine for senior citizens:-

The government announced on Wednesday that the next phase of the covid vaccine would begin on March 1. Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar said that everyone between the ages of 60 and 45 can get the Kovid-19 vaccine in Cambridge. Although there is still confusion among citizens over who will qualify to get the press shot, Javadekar answered all the questions about the second round of vaccinations at a press conference.

The cost of vaccinating senior citizens

“The second phase of the world’s largest vaccination campaign, which starts on Monday, has vaccinated more than 100 million people over the age of 60, less than 100 million people over the age of 45 in government treatment and 20,000 in private hospitals. The government pays for them. Sends, ”said Javadekar.

Those who want to get vaccinated from private hospitals will have to pay, but the amount will be decided by the health ministry in the next three to four days as the manufacturers are also in talks with the hospital, he said.

CoviShield or covaxin?

Asked if people have any choice about a vaccine called SII’s CovaShield or Bharat Biotech’s covacin, they want to take, Javadekar said India is proud that both vaccines are effective with a proven effect. Javdekar said the world’s largest vaccination campaign started on January 1, with 1,07,67,000,000 people being vaccinated and 1.4 million receiving a second dose.

Javadekar stressed that the vaccine was successful in India and that “no charges are innocent”.

How to register for the covid vaccine?

About 10,000 government-sponsored vaccines are available free of charge and the government has not yet announced the price of private facilities. To register, the recipient must download and register Co-Win Application 2.0.

Documents required for registration

Recipients need an Aadhaar card or a selective ID card. Once the application is downloaded and registered, it receives data from both these sources.

Side effects of covid vaccine

The covid vaccine has been largely successful and the government is encouraging more people to get vaccinated shots. However there may be mild side effects. Side effects include nausea, headache, fatigue, malaise (weakness), arthralgia, runny nose, myalgia (muscle pain), pyrexia and sensitivity at the injection site, the Ministry of Health said.

Meanwhile, not only the general public, but also Bollywood celebrities want to know more about the second phase of the covid vaccine for senior citizens. Actress Sonam Kapoor asked fans the same thing on Twitter on Thursday. “Can anyone tell me .. I’m getting different information from everyone,” he tweeted. He asked his fans, “How can our grandparents be vaccinated in India and when can it be obtained? I was very confused? I heard different things from everyone.”


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