Google to speed up Chrome’s release cycle to 4 weeks


To improve security, speed and stability, Google has announced that it is reducing the release cycle of Chrome updates from the current six-week period to four weeks.

For over a decade, Chrome has been sending out new updates every 6 weeks.

“We have improved our testing and publishing processes for Chrome and have installed two weeks of security updates to improve our patch spacing, making it clear that we can reduce our release cycle and deliver new features faster,” the company said in a statement. Thursday.

Starting with Chrome 94 in Q3 2021, Chrome plans to release a new milestone every 4 weeks. Additionally, Google adds a new ‘improved stability’ option with milestone updates every 8 weeks.

‘Extended stability’ is available for company managers and chromium embedders that require extra time to perform updates.

“Security updates on Extended Stable will be released every two weeks to fix important issues, but those updates won’t contain new features or all security fixes that the 4-week option will receive,” Google said.

For Chrome OS users, the company plans to support multiple stable release options. “We’ll share more with Chrome OS managers in the coming months about your preferences for landmark updates on devices you manage”.


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