HDFC has cut rates and home loans are now available from 6.75 per cent


Mortgage giant HDFC also slashed its interest rate offer on Wednesday, spending 0.05 per cent less on credit to consumers.

According to officials, the ‘best customers’ have a good credit history, but can get loans at the end of the cut, regardless of the amount later.

The move comes two days after rival SBI and Kotak Mahindra Bank lent money in a row. Percent and .6..65 percent are giving home loans.

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The official statement said, “HDFC has lowered the Retail Prime Payment Rate (RPLR) on real estate, based on which its adjusted rate home loans (ARHL) will come into effect from March 4, 0.05 per cent “.

HDFC said the change would benefit existing retail home loan customers.

For existing customers, the interest rate will automatically reprint 0.05% over the current interest rate.

However, if the donor wants to go for less than 6 .. 75 percent, they have to pay a fee.


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