iPhone 13 Pro review: The Pro phone you should buy this year

Another year and another Pro iPhone. The iPhone 13 Pro is the most affordable on the list of Pro iPhones this year – though not too much. It is also a strange one to see. The iPhone 13 Pro Max gets all the buzz because it is “the most” of everything Apple has to offer. Although the iPhone 13, because it is relatively much more affordable, gets all the love from consumers. But don’t underestimate the iPhone 13 Pro and certainly not this year. It holds up well against the Max and Vanilla offers a lot more than the iPhone 13.

This is the third year in a row that I have been reviewing the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro model after testing. And, this year, the iPhone 13 Pro, in addition to the display and battery differences, is almost identical to its older brother, the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Unlike the iPhone 12 series, the iPhone Pro and 13 Pro Max pack the same kind of camera, with all the latest features. This means that if you want the Pro model this year, there should be no confusion.

There are several key features that I believe will be a favorite of iPhone 13 Pro users. A large battery is a much-needed upgrade, the A15 Bionic can be as powerful as it gets, a welcome addition to the promotion display, and the cameras make it more valuable than ever.

IPhone 13 Pro Review: Familiar but powerful design

For the iPhone 13 Pro, the design is probably one thing that may not impress buyers this year. This is not because there is something wrong with the design. But because we’ve seen it before. But out of sight, there are some differences. This year’s iPhones are thicker, and in this case the iPhone 13 Pro which is 7.65mm thick, doesn’t look as thin as the 7.4mm iPhone 12 Pro. This thickness significantly increases the weight from 187 g to 203 g on the 12 Pro.

IPhone 13 Pro (left) and iPhone 12 Pro (right)
The second big difference is the display notch, which has been reduced in size and, as Apple claims, is 20 percent smaller than the previous iPhone’s notch. It is noticeable in use. In a good way. The Pro models play with surgical-grade stainless steel frames that go through a physical steam deposit process to offer an Apple-custom finish that looks elegant. The new Pro models come in four colors – Graphite, Gold, Silver and Sierra Blue. This review includes the Graphite iPhone 13 Pro and I think it’s the most annoying color option. My favorite color choice in the Pro Trim would be Sierra Blue, which looks gorgeous and varies in different shades of gray as the light falls from different angles.

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