Jannat zubair: Age, Height, Photos, Brother, Net worth in 2021 and Full Information

Net worth of Jannat Zubair

Jannat Zubair Rahmani is one of the most popular Tiktokers in India. With an Instagram account that has over 30 million followers, she makes money from endorsing brands and songs on her social media platform as well get paid for appearing in Punjabi music videos nowadays which are released by labels like T-Series or Jaggi Singh’s label Hate Media House.
Jannat Zubair’s net worth 2020 stands at 1.2 Million dollars thanks largely to endorsements but it also depends heavily upon what artists pay when they want their performances added into one video/ song recordings which can range anywhere between 500k -1 mil Indian currency value (INR).

Biography of Jannat Zubair

She was born on 29 August 2001 in an Upper-Class family. His father also had a successful acting career, so at just 8 years old Jannat Zubair got the opportunity to work with some big names like Andy Serkis and Benedict Cumberbatch! Nowadays her net worth amounts to over 1 million dollars–all because she started working from when she was only eight years old up until now; this lucky girl has worked for many projects that have added even more income streams along their way towards success.

Jannat Zubair, like every other person in this world, is also educated. She has completed her schooling education from Oxford Public School and studied at Kandivali West for high school before continuing onto college but she hasn’t revealed which one yet to anyone!

Jannat Zubair Income

She is a 20-year-old singer from India. She has a net worth of 9 Crore rupees, which was accumulated through various sources like social media handles and song fees for big music industries such as T-Series or Zee Music with rates varying per song depending on her popularity over there (1 to 3 Lakhs). If we calculate all this together it would amount up in 2021 making Jannat Zubair’s total earning around 8-9 Crore Rupees.

Net Worth 2021 1.2 Million Dollars
Net Worth in Rupees 9 Crore Indian Rupees
Salary per month 10 Lakh Rupees
Annual Income 1 Crore Rupees
Earning Sources Brand Endorsement, Songs Fees, Television

Jannat Zubair Car Collection

Car Collections Prices
Jaguar XJL1.10 Crore Rupees
Audi Q780 Lakh Rupees
Old Ford Endeavour 20 Lakh Rupees


Jannat Zubair Age

She is just 20 years old and she has already marked her name as a famous celebrity. But the age doesn’t stop her from exploring the Indian film industry. Jannat Zubair started using TikTok in 2015 after which it took no time to make her top page on this app with millions of views and followers every day.

Jannat Zubair Career

Jannat Zubair was born on 29 August 2001 in Mumbai, India. She is 20 years old as of 2021 and has been involved with entertainment since 2010 when she enrolled into one of the city’s most prestigious schools for kids who want to be actors or actresses – Oxford Public School (and it showed!). JZ achieved success early by becoming known primarily from her participation at TV shows like “Dil Mil Gayye” but quickly became more popular after appearing alongside Huma Qureshi & Ranbir Kapoor–starring together!–in the 2011 film Aagaah: The Warning which earned them both nominations for Best Supporting Actress Awards!

At the young age of 10, Jannat Zubair already had her first TV show appearance in AAP ki Antara. She played a girl who was helped by Padukone-aa actress playing Rani Iram’s daughter! Her breakthrough role came when she starred as Pankti Sharma opposite Salman Khan for TU AASHIQUI film which was released the last year in 2018. Recently, this darling beauty has been seen essaying another royal character alongside Shah Rukh Khan called “Bharath ka veer Putra” from Disney movie fame -Hichki 2; set to come out soon

Jannat Zubair Song List

  • Zindagi Di Paudi
  • Tere Bin kive
  • Fake style
  • Fruity lagdi hai
  • Ishq farzi
  • Naino tale
  • Tere bin kive karavange
  • Lehja
  • Marda Saara India

Jannat Zubair’s Brother

When it comes to her family, she has a younger brother who is also quite popular on social media. She posts cute and loving videos of him most often with herself in them which makes us fall for both these siblings more than ever! Jannat Zubair’s net worth is estimated at $500 thousand dollars as per some online sources that we came across while writing this post about her. So what do you think? Is TikTok addicting enough to be followed by Millions? It sure seems like yes!

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Jannat Zubair height in feet

I’m going to talk about a topic that I know you’re interested in – Jannat Zubair’s height. What is she? 5’7″? 5’8″? You’ll have to keep reading.
Ever wonder how tall our favorite celebrities are? Well, I just found out Jannat Zubair’s height in feet and inches. It turns out that she is 5 Feet and 1 Inch.

Jannat Zubair Images

Jannat Zubair Awards

Jannat Zubair has been winning awards since she was a child. The biggest award of all is the Best Child Actor Award that JZ took home in 2011, and other precious jewels include 2 million Youtube subscribers with many video views under her belt! Recently this social media star won IWMBuzz’s Digital Awards for 2019 Most Popular Social Media Star
Awards Ceremony where they were given outlive by David Hasselhoff himself (Heyman).

Boyfriend and Relationship

Jannat is very happy with her family and friends in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She has not declared to anyone that she’s into a relationship or anything like it – though you can often see her enjoying Mr Faisu but they’re just good friends as he cleared up himself during an interview for TV show!

Mr Faisu and Jannat Zubair

TikTok stars Jannat Zubair and Faisu have gained a special place in our hearts ever since they first appeared on the screen. The talented duo has featured many times, whether it be for music videos or social media posts; always giving off that “aww” factor as if you were watching something not tacky at all! You can’t help but fall head over heels with these two adorable creatures who seem closest friends despite being opposite genders from one another- what kind of magic did someone brew up here?!
This article goes on to state how close their camaraderie really is by describing an instance where both actresses met up after filming wrapped up (true story).

The worst part about working together is that they fear people will get bored of seeing them in music videos. They also want to make sure their videos are awaited and there’s a freshness every time, so Faisu revealed he feels very thankful for all the love coming his way with Jannat by his side as well!

Jannat revealed that there have been times when people did not shower as much love on them because they felt she had done something wrong. The duo agreed, and concurred that everything about themselves is for their fans’ comfort; it was heartwarming to know such kindness exists in this world!

Jannat Zubair Vs Avneet Kaur vs Arishfa Khan

Avneet Kaur, Arishfa Khan, and Jannat Zubair are popular TV actresses and social media sensations who are reigning on screen with their dancing skills and style. These stars inspire many women about style and new trends. Whether it’s an accessory or a fashion pro tip, we always look to them for inspiration in our next outfit.

Whether it’s their role in the movie, the look on the red carpet, or even when they have to run their work, these actresses look impeccable. Avneet, Arishfa, and Jannat are undoubtedly true fashionistas and their Instagram accounts prove it all. Their Bodycon Dresses are Perfect and unique for any function and they are the main fashion goal. That is why these ladies are called Social media Icons and Influencer.

Avneet, Arishfa, and Jannat are often seen on the red carpet in bodycon attire. These days these are giving us the fashion goals behind us and we can’t get enough of their glamorous style. We bring you the hottest look in Avneet, Arishfa, and Jannat’s bodycon dress

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