Michael Vaughan takes another dig at Ahmedabad pitch in a fresh Instagram video ahead of India vs England 4th Test


There is no way to stop Michael Vaughn. The former England captain continued his search on the Ahmedabad pitch, predicting a quick end to the fourth Test between India and England.

One day he shared a picture of excavated land in a small town in Wilsmore, England, with a headline: “Bhavan is doing well for the fourth Test” Bhavan took a step forward and shared a new video on his Instagram handle reviewing the same land.

In a video captioned by Vaughan: “Very ntic backstory pitch report of the Fourth Test,” he left no stone unturned in Ahmedabad pitch trolling.

“Survival of the fittest, this week has been great.

“The odd ball can come back behind the rubble, but it has to go over your head. You have to be able to face it during the Test match phase,” Vaughan continued. Former England captain Ict has ruled out a Test match for “a few hours”.

“It’s good to win whoever wins the toss. Showing another quick end in the fourth Test, it could be a setback in days, but overall we’re there for hours.”

The pitch became the talk of the India-England series. India won the second Test by 317 runs in the second Test at Chennai, with England bowling cheaply in both innings. The criticism, especially from some former England cricketers, came just two days after the Pink Ball Test in Ahmedabad, when India beat England by 10 wickets to take a 2-1 lead.

Vaughan was one of the few to stand firm on the Ahmedabad pitch as it was not suitable for Test cricket. The former top-order batsman previously shared a picture with the caption “I can report that preparations for the fourth Test are going great” which seems to be a consistent ground-breaking process.
During the fourth and final Test, India captain Virat Kohli dismissed the discussion of your pitch as ‘noise’.

“There is always a lot of talk and a lot of talk about spin tax,” Kohli told a pre-match press conference. “When asked about the skills needed to survive on such challenging spin tracks, Kohli stressed the strong defense, which he believes is no longer strong for the small format.


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