New restrictions on the Chennai-Mumbai route will affect leisure travel


Recently, the Tamil Nadu state government extended the state wide lockdown till March 31 and listed the instructions given by the Center. The district administration will take strict measures to maintain the spread of Kovid-19 as per the orders.

Also, leisure and commercial vehicles between Mumbai and Chennai have already been affected under the new separation restrictions on travelers coming from Maharashtra to be alone for seven days. It is the third busiest route from the city.

Tamil Nadu has announced that passengers coming from Mumbai will have to go under house arrest for seven days. Those coming to Karnataka, Delhi, West Bengal should also give COVID-19 negative certificate. Referring to the current regulations, the airline official said that the number of passengers is likely to decrease and that passengers traveling at Chennai cannot be considered due to special regulations during leisure time.
New restrictions on the Chennai-Mumbai route will affect leisure travel

Large-scale ticket cancellations have not yet been registered, the report said. With about 12 airlines operating in the Mumbai-Chennai-Mumbai sector, it is a major revenue earner for airlines. In addition, the Chennai-Mumbai route is also one of the top routes as many international travelers travel through Mumbai.

The Federation of Travel Agents of India (TFI) official said the final arrangements would affect the travel sector as fears among transport passengers increase. He said that although there were no restrictions on transport passengers, those going abroad via Mumbai would be asked to transfer tickets and even people returning to India would start liking Delhi. This trend has led to lower fares from Mumbai to international destinations.

However, they feel that this may be the primary response to the states imposing special partition sanctions on Maharashtra, but the concern will fade in the coming days.


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