Saina director Amol Gupta defends poster against backlash, explains it is about aspirations


Parineeti Chopra is all set to return to the big screen with her upcoming film Saina. The biopic based on the life of badminton ace Saina Nehwal will be released on March 26. Prior to the film’s release, the film received a response from one of the posters, complaining that the game showed the wrong way of servicing. When the poster came out, netizens trolled the producers saying ‘Saina Sania Mirza is doing it’. People said the service was in tennis and not in badminton. Now director Amol Gupta has come forward to justify the ‘high concept poster’ and make fun of the world of ‘instant reaction’.

Amol Gupta on his Facebook page “There is a lot of ulation in the digital media about the poster …” It’s like tennis … Saina Sania is doing “etc … While Saina is a flying shuttle, apparently, Saina is an Indian who is ready to reach the girl’s hand with the national colored keys at a height Girl hand !!! Rahul Nanda’s high concept poster unfortunately fast responding, impatient world needs to be explained in detail … Stop thinking before giving some crap !!! Think !!! ”

On Thursday, Parineeti Chopra released the Saina movie teaser. The teaser shows him entering the badminton court as an ace badminton player as he prepares for the match. The video begins with Parineeti’s voiceover: “Mera desh bharat, abdi sou sou koti, usme se adhi ladkia. Raja beta college padega mera, beti chula fuk. Meng pakdi except main talwar. Samne kaun hai, issue se meje kahi koi fork na pad, Mera Maksad, Ekdam Saral – Front Wall Co Chit Kar Dena, Mar Dena. ”

The teaser also highlights the differences between boys and girls in most Indian families. Boys are expected to run the house, while women are expected to be confined to the kitchen.

The film was directed by Amol Gupte and was shot in 2019. It was originally supposed to be released last summer but was delayed due to infections. Shraddha Kapoor initially played the role of Saina Nehwal, but later replaced Parineeti.

Meanwhile, Parineeti will also be seen in ‘Sandeep R Pinky Farar’ starring Divakar Banerjee. The film also stars Arjun Kapoor and is set to release on March 19.


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