Sunny Leone-Rannvijay on relationships ending post Splitsvilla: More to it than just finding love


Sunny Leone and  Rannvijay Singh have once again spread love with Splitsvilla X3. The popular dating reality show on MTV doubles as fun and challenging as competitors across the country struggle to find love.

The hosts, who played the role of captain and consultant on the show, recently chatted exclusively with about the new season, how the relationships formed in the show do not survive and how to take a happy dating life.

Conversation components …

What’s new in the Splitsvilla X3?

Sunny: We keep an eye on many things that are important to today’s generation. Also, shooting again after the lockdown is absolutely fantastic. The contestants, after several days of being masked and locked up, were released in Splitsvilla

Rannvijay: In fact, during the lockdown, most of them did not meet their friends, were in college and working. So the excitement among competitors is even higher this season. Since we have some amazing date setups, these kids really need to spend some quality time. Also, through Greek mythology, we learned that Cupid had two arrows – silver and gold. When it comes to silver water business, certification of attractiveness and compatibility, gold is committed. So for the first time Splitsvilla silver and gold are divided into two parts. And competitors will have the opportunity to find their matches from both sides. I’m so glad we were able to do this in the epidemic. We were blessed because we were in the bio bubble and everyone tested negative, so we could all go out and have fun.

The trailer of the season speaks of being naughty and beautiful. What about a relationship that works for you?

 Rannvijay : I think it is both. You have to be beautiful to be naughty and go away. Also, being beautiful is sometimes annoying. And naughty is not only fun, so there’s a good twist that gives more excitement.

Sunny: Someone recently told me that the idea of ​​dating someone nicely is no longer appealing. This is a gray area that attracts people. This gentleman of yours, who you know will take care of you and be fun and exciting – it makes dating డే fun. As men, I think they don’t necessarily want two good shoes. They want someone with a voice and an opinion. So I think this is a healthy balance.

Will you be back to Splitsvilla again?

Sunny: Rannvijay is a big reason to be sure. I think it’s a great job every time and one of the best family trips between us this year. It has been around for a long time, and my husband, kids and even my team are all around. It was great family time and exciting work.

 Rannvijay: We are very close, and it is a good thing that our families are becoming so close. Every time we talk in Splitsvilla, I cross my fingers so we can both be together. There is no one hotter or prettier than Sunny and she is much safer in her place. We have found a kind of balance that allows us to know how our partners respond to crime. Even when we are tired we pull each other’s legs and it energizes.

No relationships continued from the show. Isn’t it a shock to both of you that you spend so much time as a dating mentor?

Sunny: They are young, young or in their teens and you can’t expect them to say ‘Hey I got my spouse’. It’s more about experiencing things and finding yourself. This season, a contestant quickly became a gonsalve from nowhere and got out of all work. My goal mission is to be successful when I see someone like him, because we gave them an experience they never had. Splitsvilla is beyond the search for love.

Rannvijay : There are couples who have been posting shows to each other for a while. In fact it is the length of the relationship that exists in the lives of young people. I think the contestants on the reality show actually get along because they both looked similarly tough challenges and figured out how to overcome the confusion. Varun and Divya also look towards Prince and Yubika.


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