The Indian-diplomat said that Indo-US is the biggest example of Gandhi-King legacy


Amit Kumar, Consul General of India in Chicago, said the strong ties between India and the United States are a great testament to the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.

Metropolitan Asian Family Services, in collaboration with a member of Congress on February 2 Danny K. Davis of the US Congress, the first multi-Advisory Task Force organized by the legacy of Gandhi and King’s comments in the Round Table Summit.

“The greatest proof of Gandhi-King’s legacy is the current relationship between India, the world’s largest democracy and the oldest democracy, the United States,” Kumar told a news conference at a summit in Chicago last week.

He said the recent supply of Indian-made COVID-19 vaccine in several countries was “another bright example of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s world leadership”.


“Martin Luther King Jr. was a disciple of Gandhi. Congressman Danny K. Davis Gandhi’s teachings are being run by the Martin Luther King Jr. and Congressman Danny K. Davis said. Our elected leaders and the leaders of the Association of African and Indian communities outside of Chicago, and the adoption of a single partnership, is very important to enrich, “said Congressman Danny K. Davis told the president.


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