US Police uncover ‘possible plot’ by militia to breach Capitol on March 4


U.S. Capital police on Thursday arrested the U.S. He said there was intelligence that a militia group had a “possible conspiracy” to violate the Capital.

Capitol revealed a statement from police. At the same time, the Acting Police Chief comes to testify before the House Subcommittee

“The U.S. Capital Police Department is aware and ready for any threat to members of Congress or the Capital Complex,” the agency said in a statement. “We have received intelligence from a militia group identified on Thursday, March 4, as evidence of a capital infringement conspiracy.”

The statement, contrary to what the Acting House Sergeant-in-Chief sent to members of Congress this week, said there were no indications that Capitol police teams would protest Washington DC or resort to violence. ”

The threat came almost two months after thousands of supporters of then-President Donald Trump entered the U.S. capital in a violent uprising as Congress voted to prove Joe Biden’s election victory. About 300 people have so far committed federal crimes for their role in the riots. Five people were killed, including a Capitol police officer.

Capitol police say they have increased security around the capital complex since the January uprising, including physical security measures such as razor wire fencing around the capital and members of the National Guard inside the complex. The statement said the agency was taking the intelligence agency seriously but did not provide further details about the threat.

The threat, campaigned by Kevin’s supporters that Trump would return to power on March 4, the day he took office until 1933, seems to be linked to a moderate conspiracy theory. 20.

Cap U.S. Leading technologists such as Facebook and Twitter froze thousands of accounts during the January event that led to the Capital violent storm, making it even more difficult for Kevin and the distant group to hold a recovery rally on Thursday.

Twitter banned 700,000 accounts in the wake of the riots, while Facebook and Instagram deleted posts saying “Stop stealing” as Trump supporters rallied his supporters in January. The parlor, a conservative social media platform joined by many Trump supporters to spread conspiracy theories of fake election fraud and to encourage friends to “storm” the capital in January, shut down the Internet after the blockade.


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