Volvo Announces Plans to Shift All Car Sales Online by 2030, Here’s Why


Volvo has announced plans to expand and bless its business model online sales. The news seems to be in line with current and future trends, configuring and buying a car with a smartphone or computer at a time is faster and more effective than visiting a dealership.

According to the car manufacturer, the future of Volvo is defined by three pillars: electric, online and growth. The goal is to make it easier for customers to buy a car by paying for all the tools they need, from the configuration to the new car. In this case, the key words of the Volvo approach are simplicity and convenience.

The carmaker plans to simplify the whole process by reducing the total number of steps on its website. Consequently, a variety of vehicle configurations will soon be proposed, making it easier for the company to navigate the company offer at a fixed price.

However, this does not mean that Volvo dealerships will disappear completely, although their role is well developed. Showrooms continue to be a major part of Volvo’s customer experience and are responsible for services such as car manufacturing, delivery and servicing. It is still possible to order a new car through a dealership.

Times car market is changing. It was once necessary to visit showrooms – choosing a model and testing its feasibility and taking advantage of different payment or credit options – it is now much easier to use the internet. In this case, the American carmaker Tesla is ahead. For example, before the company opened its first showrooms in the country, consumers in France were able to order the brand’s first models online. In addition to manufacturers’ websites, there are also car price comparison websites and specialist auto purchase sites on the Internet.


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